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Water Heater Control
August 2021
Ron’s 1950 Plymouth

Hi, I am Ron. This is my website, and I am just messing with Gutenberg Blocks right now.

Some good things, some bad. Calendar does not seem to work properly.

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FAQs Accordian

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How to get started

If you do not yet have logon instructions for updating your Division website, send request to

After you receive your logon instructions...
1. Go to
2. Click the Overview Video.
3. Return to the website in #1 above.
4. Select to watch a video for one of the items you want to post (e.g. Events, Newsletters, etc.)

Change my Division's description that appears next to the rotating pictures.

Change my Division's description that appears next to the rotating pictures.

Eventually your Area Web Coordinator will be able to do this for each Division in his/her Area. Meanwhile, send your change request to and a CTC team member will make the change for you. Please note that Division descriptions can have a maximum of 300 characters or 50 words.

Change the picture rotation that appears on the main page of my Division website

Change the picture rotation that appears on the main page of my Division website.

 Pictures in the rotation are really a marketing tool for your Division -- intended to show diversity, CalRTA members doing good work, and enjoyment by all.

 The default picture rotation that was included on each Division website was comprised of pictures taken from different Division websites. The same principle was used by Debbie Pate-Newberry on the State website which includes pictures in the banners that also show diversity and enjoyment – not necessarily pictures of our current members.

 Following are some DO's and DON'Ts for choosing pictures for a new picture rotation: 




·         Closeups of 1-4 individuals

·         Scenery that represents your region

·         Pics of folks having a good time

·         Pics showing diversity

·         Distant pictures of individuals or groups

·         Pics that need to be cropped

·         Pics showing the backs of people watching a presentation


·         Use an image editing program (Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint in Windows 10, etc.) if you need to change the configuration of a picture to match the 4:3 ratio mentioned below.
A free and powerful image editing program can be downloaded here:

·         Pics of Division leaders -- these should be included in a PDF in the LEADERS section

·         Pics that show kids under 18 years of age where you haven't obtained a photo release

·         Pics in a vertical format

·         Pics that haven't been resized to an approximate aspect ratio of 4:3 (as described below)



Pictures that do not meet the suggestions in the DO's list above can still be added to your website -- in the PHOTOS category of the blue navigation bar.

 Your CTC team would be glad to create a new picture rotation for your Division website. It does take some time and effort so we would prefer that you submit your request (including the new pictures) no more than every few months.

 For us to do this you need to send us 3-10 pictures that you would like in the rotation. These pictures must meet the following specifications:

·         cropped as needed to show close ups of individuals

·         have an approximate aspect ratio of 4:3

In its simplest form, aspect ratio is used to describe the relationship between two sides of a rectangle. It's not the measurements of each side of the rectangle, it's the ratio of one side compared to the other. For example, if I have a rectangle that measures 1120 by 840 inches, this rectangle has an aspect ratio of 4:3.

 If using Windows 10, I found a built-in program called Paint an should work: After opening Paint, open a picture and use the Resize tool to change the picture's pixels to the following: Height=1120 and Width=840 after clicking to remove the checkmark by Maintain Aspect Ratio.

Otherwise, if you are not sure how to change the picture, please ask for help within your Division for imaging editing assistance since the CTC team won't be able to spend the time needed to crop, enlarge, reduce, lighten/brighten, etc. images for the rotation.

 You may send your picture choices to the CTC team as an attachment to your email request to

 To see excellent examples of customized picture rotations, go to and

Create a fillable PDF with Google Forms (e.g. Scholarship Form or Survey).

Create a fillable PDF with Google Forms (e.g. Scholarship Form or Survey).


Google Forms allows you to create a free fillable form that can be submitted/printed for your Scholarship Form, Survey, and more.


For detailed steps using Google Forms, do the following:

·         Go to the CalRTA website at

·         Log on as a member.

·         Click the Division Resources link on the left.

·         Click the How-To's - Tech and Other link on the left.

·         Click Creating a Google Fillable Form in the middle of the screen.


Although the free Adobe Reader program allows you to read PDFs, you need the Adobe Acrobat program if you wish to create fillable PDFs. This program isn't free. However, there are free video tutorials available at that explain how to use the Adobe Acrobat program.

Site Map





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Domain Registration

RsConcepts will assist you in selection of a domain name if you do not already have one. Once selected, we will assign the domain name to your website so your site appears on the world wide web. What is a domain name? A domain name identifies...

FAQs Accordian

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Our Team

Ron Scott Ron has extensive background in CMS web creation.  He is an expert in Joomla and WordPress. In his early years he created sites the old way, HTML, PHP, Java Script, etc.   This laid a firm foundation for moving in to the world of CMS. ...

Privacy Policy

Who we are Our website address is: What personal data we collect and why we collect it Comments When visitors leave comments on the site we collect the data shown in the comments form, and also...

Test Grid

Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4 One Two Three Four Contains the block elements used to render a post, like the title, date, featured image, content or excerpt, and more. Contains the block elements used to render a post, like...

Test WordPress 5.8

Test WordPress 5.8 - Page Builder

Vehicle Needs

Subject: Re: Vehicle Work (3 Vehicles) We need work on three vehicles - info below.  Can you let us know what things you do, and a ballpark estimate (just a spitball, for budget purposes)? 1. 2007 Volvo XC90 Need:  Air conditioning not working, ...

Web Development

RsConcepts is a WordPress Partner   Although we specialize in WordPress as a web content delivery tool, we also build sites from the ground up using HTML and PHP coding structures. Our team of developers will listen to your story, understand...


Can you please give me costs for:
1. Upper radiator hose (Part may be 6565598 – not sure)
2. Upper radiator hose (Part may be 6562284 – not sure)
3. Water pump bypass hose and nipple
(View pictures & explanation below)
4. Fan belt
5. Coolant Reservoir
6. Thermostat

I need the bypass hose and nipple.  The nipple deteriorated in the thermostat housing, looks like it was just force fit in to it.