Vehicle Needs

Subject: Re: Vehicle Work (3 Vehicles)

We need work on three vehicles – info below.  Can you let us know what things you do, and a ballpark estimate (just a spitball, for budget purposes)?

1. 2007 Volvo XC90

Need:  Air conditioning not working,

2007 VOLVO XC90

VIN                                                                                      YV4CY982971364614

Make                                                                                    VOLVO

Model                                                                                   XC90

Year                                                                                     2007

Drive Type                                                                           FWD/Front Wheel Drive

Compact Utility (Utility Vehicle
Categories “Small” and “Midsize”)

Engine                                                                                  3.2L

Manufactured in                                                                  TORSLANDA, SWEDEN

Age                                                                                      14 years


Doors                                                                                   4

Front Airbag Location                                                         –

Seat Belts Type                                                                  –

Engine Displacement (CI)                                                 195.27598110314

Engine Displacement (CC)                                                3192


Fuel Type                                                                            Gasoline

Engine Number of Cylinders                                              6


2. 2002 GMC Sierra 2500 HD, Crew Cab

w/8.1L(gas) and Allison transmission.


Please check the mileage.

-Fix AC, it leaks a full charge in 3 weeks.

-Find and fix small coolant leak

-Flush and fill coolant

-Change engine oil and filter (mobile synthetic)

-Change transmission fluid and filter(Allison with spin on filter, not a pan drop)

-Change spark plugs and wires

-Check brakes(working well but need to know remaining pad life)

-Check front suspension/steering (feels a little loose)

-Check rear diff fluid(or change if at the service interval)



3. 1999 FORD F-150

Need: Transmission Flush – Filter


VIN                                                          1FTRF17W8XKB04272

Make                                                       FORD F-150

Year                                                        1999

Drive Type                                              4×2

Style/Body                                              Light Pickup

Engine                                                     4.6L


Manufactured By                                     FORD MOTOR COMPANY, USA

Plant Company Name                               Volvo Cars

Vehicle Type                                            TRUCK

Body Class                                               Pickup

Doors                                                       4

Seat Belts Type                                        Manual

Engine Displacement (CI)                        280.70922283576

Engine Displacement (CC)                       4600.0

Fuel Type                                                 Gasoline

Engine Number of Cylinders                    8